Industrial Central Vacuum Cleaner 19kW
Industrial Central Vacuum Cleaner 19kW

TOPLINE heavy duty, powder coated, industrial 4.9-19kW central vacuum cleaner with cartridge filter system for heavy industrial applications. Fully automatic energy-saving cleaning system with reverse pulse jet technology for a maintenance-free system. Advanced control system with touchscreen and 1 frequency convertor, complete with PLC system and differential pressure devices, with the latest energy-saving technology. Auto-adjustable power, starting from 4.9kW up to 19kW for a constant suction power.  Complete with 70L dust container. The kit contains the filter system, the side channel turbine with Siemens motor, a silencer, the advanced control panel and a pipe connection kit.


Type Filter surface (paper/polyester), m² Dust container capacity, L Max. airflow, m³/h Max. airflow @140mbar, m³/h Power, kW Weight, kg Dimentions filter, hxwxd, cm Dimentions turbine, hxwxd, cm
IVC419 80/40 70 1350 1100 4.9-19 662 241x99x82 76x58x78
IVC819 80/40 70 1350 1100 4.9-19 787 241x99x82 76x58x78


Q-ty simultaneous users, max.* Hose diameter, mm
15 25
9 32
6-7 38
4-5 51



 *Max. simoultanious users depends on the amount of vacuum that is selected on the control panel. The tabel is compared with a negative pressure of -150mbar.