No secret that central vacuum systems are improving their place on the market (and in our minds) in comparison with traditional vacuum cleaners, that are heavy, difficult to handle, slowing down the cleaning process and much less healthy for the user.

Years of experience in central vacuum helped us to create the products that answer the demands and wishes of all our clients, from a family home to the production factory. Our systems are created and dedicated to be a listening and helping partner in solving any dust problem, so that you can create a healthy indoor environment for your family, workers, clients.


Nowadays all carwashes are equipped with a vacuum cleaning section. Most of them use a traditional single-phase vacuum cleaner controlled by a coin timer, but the result is a poor performance, low efficiency, high cost of maintenance, high rate of failures and motor substitutions.

The evolution was represented by central vacuum systems: they have unquestionable advantages in terms of reliability and convenience. However, in the early days, only a primitive assembly was introduced, with rough parts and high energy consumption. 

ERGOX central vacuum system, after long testing and expertise, improved every detail around the car wash vacuum:

  • The systems equipped have reached more than 1.000.000 cleaned cars yearly without any trouble.
    ERGOX system is absolutely reliable.
  • Ideal for self-service vacuum as well as fo professional operators cleaning a rental fleet or prepping cleaned cars.
    ERGOX system can be adapted to any setup.
  • Particular attention is given to energy consumption and efficiency in the long time, using complex control systems.
    ERGOX system is economical & environmental friendly.
  • The car wash manager is called only for few ordinary operations: just emptying the dust container after approx. 1.500 cleaned cars.
    ERGOX system is practically maintenance-free.

Whatever is the rate of occupancy of vacuum bays, there is always a controlled energy consumption, with optimal values of suction power and airflow. The electronic control is connected with filters and accessories with automatic differential pressure detectors keep filters cleaned and efficient. If no station is activated, there is no energy consumption. With first user, there is less than 2 kW, that approximately is multiplied to every further user. For this reason, the maximal consumption when for instance 16 users are vacuuming simultaneously, is about 24 kW.

All the system parameters can be monitored and stored on the touch screen display of the control board.



Nowadays industries are equipped with many different dust extracting systems, because of many dust problems that appear in industrial environment. In many cases its even necessary to do some cleaning during the production process, to protect the product. In some cases it goes about cleaning only one special machine or surface... However, to have a good central vacuum system is not a simple task, because of the variety of the dust and its quantity that can be very different in every application.

The Ergox team provides customized vacuum systems, that can be used in all sectors. Foods, cardboard, packaging, plastics and metal processing industries, clean rooms, laboratories, 3d printing, waste incinerators, car and car body workshops, feed processing, wood, textiles, pharmaceuticals and automotive industries, lime, cement, plaster, glass, fertilizer and sugar industries, etc.

Working and manufacturing in a safe, clean and dust-free environment is an essential foundation to ensure the health of the workers and the quality of your final product.

Ergox system is extremely powerful. The system was developed to ensure high quality, resulting in a durable and maintenance-free system.

A clean work environment motivates employees and increases productivity. The wide choice of accessories facilitates and simplifies the cleaning of all surfaces or applications.

Due to the extremely powerful vacuum that Ergox central vacuum system generates, dust and dirt are thoroughly removed during each vacuuming cycle, thereby greatly reducing cleaning time. There is a strong focus on energy consumption and long-term efficiency.

Each Ergox vacuum system is customized and thus perfectly adjusted to the requirements and the use in your company. Ergox provides a customized solution for each and every application.



Commercial application of central vacuum grows every year. Each modern company, bank, hotel, shop, school… chooses for healthy work environment and reduction of costs, the benefits that central vacuum provides you.

Central vacuum system adds more value to your building and it pays itself in several years back.

Central vacuum system can be adjusted to every building. We provide you the best solution for your company, taking in consideration your activities, floor space and amount of employees.

Nobody should underestimate the influence of hygiene conditions on our health. With central vacuum you considerably increase the quality of air in your working environment.

Choosing for central vacuum allows you to save significantly on cleaning time. Thanks to the fact that central vacuum system is much more powerful than traditional cleaner, lighter and easier in use (you don’t have to carry a heavy vacuum cleaner or to work between all those cables…) you save up to 30-40% on the cleaning time.

Our systems are practically maintenance-free. The only thing that you need to do is to empty a dust container 1-2 times a year.

Our systems are specially developed en built to be used in industrial and commercial applications. They are highly efficient, reliable and able to work 24/7 without problems.



Clean and healthy home for your family is what everybody wants and with central vacuum system you reach this goal easy and fast. 

In comparing with traditional vacuum cleaner, that mostly blows the sucked air (with fine dust) back to the room, central vacuum gives you the opportunity to let it blow to outside, so that that fine dust really leaves your home environment, instead of just being replaced from room to room.

Moreover, it's much more powerful than a traditional vacuum cleaner, so you will get your cleaning job done much faster and better. A wide range of tools and accessories makes the cleaning easier and it saves you plenty of time, that you can better use for your family...